Jul. 11th, 2016

q_w_z: (Clouseau)
The word “hate,” for example, has been redefined to mean disagreement with the political objectives of the Sexual Revolution. Christians are accused of “hating” gay people for disagreeing with gay marriage. But if Christians truly believe that the gay lifestyle puts people further from God, then would it not actually be hate to endorse gay marriage? Because the opponents of Christianity do not take it seriously, they expect Christians to ignore its teachings, as well. Gay activists are demanding that Christians ignore, abandon, or repudiate fundamental Christian teachings—and on top of it all, they are demanding that Christians stop caring about the souls of the gay people they know and love. This silence would in actuality function like hatred.
And just as “hate” has been redefined, “love” has been redefined as well. Love once meant wanting what was best for the other. Thus, loving someone would mean telling that person if you thought their lifestyle was harmful, no matter how difficult or painful that conversation might be. Now, our culture seems to think that love means agreeing with someone and supporting their lifestyle regardless of what you believe. Love is now only a feeling, not an action rooted in belief.


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